Monetizing2 - What to know - part 3

February 23, 2013

Finally! Monetizing! Yay! But be patient. First days are not so optimistic. One of ways for monetizing is selling backlinks. I recommend two services: Backlinks and Backlinks Genius

Everything what you need is installing their plugin to your CMS and waiting. Don't panic, their plugins are clear and you don't need pay something for using it. Just register. Difference between those two services:
- no minimum payout
- selectable position
- referral system
- payout between 1st - 3rd day in month

Backlinks Genius
- contextual link in blogpost
- minimum payout 30 EUR
- referral system
- supported 3 major CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla)

Monetizing2 - What to know - part 2

February 22, 2013

In previous part we have tell something about beginning your publishing on web and monetizing it. What's next? If you have some content, you need promote it. Use social channels like Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook for promoting and sharing your articles. Contact your friends, comment your posts, ask for feedback.

More friends, more visitors. BUT! But never spam discussion boards with flooing threads or FB wall. Be clever in this way. Find somebody for link exchange. After that, you can be awarded with higher google pagerank. Then you can start monetizing.

Do you need a template ?

February 21, 2013

No problem! You can find on the web a lot of catalogs with free or premium templates. One of those is 4templates with a lot of templates in database. Just choose one, buy and apply. Advantage of these templates is good SEO optimisation.
Above you can find some of them.

Monetizing2 - What to know - part 1

February 20, 2013

If you want monetize your pages, you need more than domain. You need an idea, want you want to do online. E.g. one of possibilities is writing specialized blog or having nasty board or e-shop. If you do this (Hint: register your domain via GoDaddy, use this code: WOWxite and your order will receive smaller fee as usual) , put CMS (content management system) to your hosting, buy some beautiful template, apply it and start writing.

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